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A message from Dr. VALENZUELA

Welcome to the Division of Global Emergency Medicine at Stony Brook University, founded in 2016 by Dr. William Mallon.  Dr. Rolando Valenzuela soon followed and launched the Fellowship in Global EM at Stony Brook University. The Stony Brook University has made an institution-wide pivot and is emphasizing international collaboration across the institution in a multidisciplinary fashion. There is, for example, a Global Library Initiative at Stony Brook University that is dedicated to developing public domain digital resources and improving information exchange internationally.

Here at the Division of Global EM our projects have focused on the development of the specialty of Emergency Medicine in Latin America & the Caribbean. The region represents a unique environment where most countries have either recently developed EM residencies or are in the process of doing so. We have a long record of working throughout the region, and have a decade's worth of connections in the region. This allows us to partner with our colleagues in the area to provide tailored resources and assistance as needed. We actively participate in academic exchanges for residents and junior faculty, and enjoy sending our residents, fellows, and attendings abroad just as we enjoy receiving our colleagues from around the globe to visit us at Stony Brook.

Our vision is to Improve Emergency Care Globally and Sustainably Via Academic Exchanges and Research. We seek to engage fellows in this process within a vibrant academic division that teaches them the skills to continue their work post-fellowship as part of a lifelong career. Graduating Fellows are expected to begin academic international work and move quickly into leadership roles. All of the fellows from our program are continuing their international careers and work in academic emergency medicine (two Fulbright Scholars, and all at major institutions). We believe in the Sustainable Development Goals as articulated by the United Nations and seek to create Transformative Bidirectional Partnerships.


The Division of Global Emergency Medicine at Stony Brook has solid EM Chair support, a close alliance with the Global Health Institute, and a university environment newly focused on international work. We have motivated IEM faculty, established connections with international partners, and a record of successful fellowship graduates. We have an established record of longitudinal program development in India, China, Korea, Guatemala, St, Lucia, and Chile, and we seek fellows and faculty who would like to be part of this growing enterprise.


I  look forward to hearing from you, and am excited to welcome you to a bright future at our Division in Global Emergency Medicine.

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